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The Excelsior - March 2014 Newsletter

The Excelsior


What's New About us

Maybe you haven't noticed that now you can apply for our job positions on our website! Just fill out an application form online, attach your resume, hit the submit button, and you are good to go! Job positions are open for janitors, day crew, pressure washers, construction cleaners, and more.

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Community News


Bill Gates, the founder and former CEO of Microsoft spoke at TED Vacouver on Tuesday. Aftering reitring from Microsoft, he has been focusing on philanthrop. Along with his wife, Melinda Gates, he established the Bill and Melinda Foundation, which holds the belief that every life has equal value. The TED Vancouver Conference will end on March 21.

EBM Tips

1. Don’t wipe any surfaces taller than your tallest friend.

2. To pick up pat hair, put on a wet rubber dishwashing glove and wipe your hand over surfaces. The hair will stick right to it.

3. Set a timer to stay away from distractions when cleaning. It helps you stay focused, and to get more done in a short amount of time.

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