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How to winterize your commercial property


How to winterize your commercial property? There are various things you can do from changing light bulbs to replacing windows to unsure you use less heat, all of these things will save you money in the long run and help keep your property energy efficient while reducing your carbon footprint at the same time! We will just touch on 5 easy ones to get you started!

1. Remove all debris from your gutters. This is VERY important in winterizing commercial properties. If you leave all the leaves and debris they can freeze and cause leaking into your tenants units. Which means spending MORE MONEY fixing it in the long run!

2. Salting driveways, ramps and walkways. This ensures everyone has a safe surface to walk on and you can minimize the amount of slips and falls. This again is extremely important in winterizing commercial property as any slips and falls can result in law suits.

3. Clean out all drains and shut off outside water sources. If you neglect to do this your pipes and drains will freeze and when they start to melt the can burst. Invest the money in a quick cheap way to prevent a massive plumbers bill in the spring! (No offense to the plumbers!)

4. Change your light bulbs to the energy efficient ones. We all tend to use more lights during the winter months as it's darker outside. This way you will cut down on your hydro bill and lower your carbon foot print!

5. And last but not least have your furnace and boilers checked out. Imagine being left literally in the cold!

Hope you find our tips how to winterize your commercial property useful!

- The Excelsior Team

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