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Spring is Here, Time to Freshen up Your Property!

The warm spring is already here. After being exposed to snow and rain during the winter season, your property needs a good, solid spring cleaning.

Your property never looks worse than after the last snowfall. The salt and sand, along with normal dirt and debris, detract from a professional appearance for your property. Schedule your spring cleaning with Excelsior today and get your property prepared for a new season of occupants and visitors.

Here are some tips while planning for your spring cleaning:

  • Focus on flooringWinter weather results in excessive wear and tear and a dulling of the appearance of flooring. Book a floor maintenance service from Excelsior to revitalize tile and carpeting. A small investment would help delay the expensive replacement costs and revitalize floors to a like-new condition.

  • Power washingPower washing and pressure washing are essential for spring cleaning. They help remove dirt, lose paint, dust, and mud from surfaces of buildings and concrete to give your property a new and improved spring image.

  • Window cleaningWinter snow and sleet leave a cloud of residue on windows. It's time to get rid of the cloud on windows and let the sun shine in. What's more, the salt used to melt snow can be left on windows of low rise buildings. Special attention is needed for cleaning up the salt.

  • Go green with springGreen is not just the colour of spring. Consider the impact on environment while choosing your building cleaning and maintenance service vendor. In Excelsior, we offer green cleaning solution that provides quality service as well as being environmental-friendly.

Call us (604)-254-4288 today to book a commercial spring cleaning service for your property.

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