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Golf and the environment

Next time you are out on the greens, think about whether your own actions are "green." Here are some easy suggestions on what you can do to help the environment:

  • Walk the course instead of using a golf cart. If you do use a golf cart, keep your cart on the designated path.

  • Replace all divots.

  • Urge your golf course to replace its carts with electric-powered ones, which greatly reduce both air pollution and noise pollution.

  • Carry your trash with you until a waste container is available.

  • Recycle glass, aluminum, and plastic on the golf course. If your course doesn't have its own recycling program, urge them to start one.

  • Adhere to local rules that may restrict access to environmentally sensitive areas on a golf course.

  • Buy recyclable products (biodegradable golf tees, golf balls made of rawhide instead of plastic).

  • Accept the natural limitations and variations of turfgrass plants growing in a natural environment. (e.g., brown patches, thinning, loss of color). Be willing to play on brown grass during periods of low rainfall.

  • Patronize courses that are environmentally friendly.

  • Recognize that golf courses are managed land areas that should complement the natural environment. Respect environmentally sensitive areas of the course.

  • Support golf course management decisions that protect or enhance the environment and encourage the development of environmental conservation plans.

  • Support maintenance practices that protect wildlife and natural habitat.

  • Encourage maintenance practices that promote the long-range health of the turf and support environmental objectives. Such practices include aerification, reduced fertilization, limited play on sensitive turf areas, reduced watering, etc.

  • Commit to long-range conservation efforts (e.g. efficient water use, integrated pest management, etc.) on the golf course and at home.

  • Support research and education programs that expand our understanding of the relationship between golf and the environment.

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