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It's time to schedule your commercial spring cleaning!

Its that time of year again! SPRING TIME! And it's time to schedule your commercial spring cleaning.

Think how nice it feels to have a clean home, well people feel the same way about a clean store or building. After a long winter of snow, rain and ice, your commercial property needs a good wash down! Its very important to get your windows and awnings cleaned, your walls pressure washing and your parking lot cleaned up. But don't just think about the exterior, all this spring sunshine will show all the dirty corners inside your office. We recommend a good spring cleaning inside as well.

A few benifits we find from commercial spring cleaning are:

Boosting office moral: Things like wall washing, high dusting and moving around some furniture and getting all the dust from behind it not only will leave your commercial space feeling fresh and clean, but it will help office moral!

Protecting your investment: Dirt and algae build up can harm the surface of your commercial space, leaving permanent damage and allowing next years winter to penetrate into the surface.

Attract new customers: Spring is the time to buy! Everyone is happy with the warmer temperatures, it's a proven fact people buy more in the spring, why not make your office a warm, friendly CLEAN environment for people to visit. Making a good first impression is important!

Don't wait to book your commercial spring maintenance. Don't worry, we've made it easy for you, we cover most all your commercial building maintenance needs making it a hassle free experience. And with over 100 years experience, we guarantee you'll be pleased with the outcome!

Don't forget to ask about our GREEN cleaning solutions. We can help get your commercial place shiny while keeping the environment in mind!

Talk soon!

~ The Excelsior Team

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